Directed by Luka Fisher

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Music Copyright, NO MORE PANIC!, 2014
Video Copyright, Luka Fisher, 2014


Two young beings. Man and woman. They’re walking down a corridor. Dark lights of ultraviolet flash in and out while speakers blare a harmoniously soft but cacophonic glockenspiel strapped to a blaring electronic crash. They begin to run as the door to the end of the corridor closes. Such is the musical adventure of Phil Periculum and Heather Vi of NO MORE PANIC! as their self-titled tape sees the New York duo running from one generously electro-dance soundscape to the next. Killer cut “The Chaos Theory” starts with a digitized bounce and a woman speaking in german before leading into an almost industrial electroclub banger pacing quickly and splashing brightly. Growled lyrics help along the quickening beat. As the corridor opens up again our heroes find themselves inside a massive interstellar travel station. “Space 202” is the assault on the space station both groovy, fun and terrifying. Running for the last shuttle flying out amongst a fun hop along of a beat as a robotic female voice creeps towards malfunction welcoming all over and over again. As our protagonists board their craft and the station begins to explode in a fiery burst silenced by the vacuum of space, track “It Is…” bangs along as they shoot off into space amongst the debris and carnage. As the soft notes of “RFTM” play in Phil and Heather find themselves softly lullabied by the gentle harmonics of the consoles as they rocket through the silence amid gentle blasts and bass bumps backed by playful keys from the ships propulsion engines. “BRACE FOR IMPACT” the onboard navigation screams. “Lord Burn” sets off a frantic race through an alien world where a vicious overlord has his armies chase our heroes through cymbal crashes and a driving beat of lasers and gunfire slowly burning away the daring duos chance of escape! As the song winds down our panspacial pair just barely reach their escape shuttle, almost being captured by Lord Burn’s wicked soldiers. A quick dialing of the nav system and a heavy ended thump lead off “The Web” and find our dynamic duplet blasting off into the wide open rhythmics of deep space. Connected, intertwined by matter energy and time where will our adventurers turn up next? Stay tuned!

- Trelias



Official Music Video by Luka Fisher


FUUUUUUCK. All this album makes me want to do is tackle headlong into a crowd of people and wreak some god damn havoc. Doses are a punk band from LA and if you haven’t heard about them yet you will soon. Their first LP endeavor a self-titled stab at a vicious spooky rollickingly-pissed take on the punk rock two piece is as loud and gritty as it is violent and groovy. Top to bottom this thing bangs. Opener “Minimal Effort” screeches into a driving guitar line that violently slaps into heavy rat and tat of a drum beat. It sounds like something is trying to pull itself from the dark abysmal depths of this earth. Once above ground “Big Bang” slowly churns and broils into a dark wave punk piece of desperation and rage, “It’s Okay Catherine” leaves you feeling like it’s definitely not and “Reasons to Kill” makes me want to commit a felony or two. But it’s album closer “Make Me A Man” that really sends home the whole. Something about this album makes you feel like you’re being chased. Each and every track seems to reach for you with menacing, grasping hands, trying to drag you into some place dark and angry. Doses have sculpted (in a quite messy fashion I might add) a piece of music both jarring and feral. But it’s the human element of it that truly makes this album the beast that it is. Touching on themes of homophobia, sexual violence and endless promiscuity all littered with the sweet stink of human body fluids. But don’t take my word for it, go listen to this shit already.