At long last, a full length Sashcloth & Axes endeavor. And there’s no way to say this without sounding weird but, it’s beautiful. An “Intro” that would nestle in well with any Transylvanian ascent to madness kicks it off falling quickly into live staple “IIIII” a fat club banger of synths, bass drum and growled requests for tears and blood. “Anti-Human” sleazes into a fat snick and slap of a drum beat followed by the signature screeching keys that you love to groove to. Winding and grinding through the darkness is writes through the air like a dance hall filled with snakes. The tempo picks up with “Wines” and that it does. In favor of a higher-pitched not-shriek this track bounces around to calmly frantic keys and the familiar boom found in this album. Cleverly titled “Hate Hate” (another bangin live staple) moves hips and blackens vision as wave after wave of melody crashes and crescendos over amongst roared vocals. If you didn’t hear it from us before then I’m telling you now, “Girls In Black” was the anti-summer jam this year. Dudes got a thing for the ladies dolled up in the darkest of clothes. Sweet moans and a playful nighttime arpeggio rattle dance floors and bones alike in “Timeline”. Now here’s a thing, my favorite track on this album “Night” absolutely floored me. Starting off catchy and bouncy with some sick key tickling the songs arrangement brings the vibe between cathartic and brilliantly jubilant. An exultation of the beauty of pitch blackness stewing and stirring in all of our hearts ready to burst forth and crescendo into the unmaskable truth of it, I could barely deal with how much the song moved me. Maybe I’m nuts? As we close out with the layering of sounds and a sweet as piano riff (that’s a thing right?) I find myself reflecting on the album as a whole while still reeling inside “Untitled” until at last the song slows and the album closes. At times moody and eerie but strangely triumphant and most certainly partyable, the Key Wizard King of Danceable Darkness first full-length is a brilliant doozey of keys, drums, growls and booty shaking. Pick it up right quick.

- Trelias

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Once upon a time there was summer and it was terrible. Enough light to drown everyone and an uncomfortable heat permeated the land. “Who could save us?” the people lamented. Then one day a shadow emerged on the horizon. A massive tidal wave of darkness began to sweep across the land. On this moving torrent of shadow, synth and feedback laden guitar rode two heroes. They plunged their hands into the flowing sepulchre upon which they rode and brought forth from within it a sick ass disc. An EP that could end this sickening sun and its torturous cascade of light. With all their might they flung it towards the flaming fiend and felled the sun in one mighty blow. This is that EP friends, and I will tell you of its legend.

The quest to the doomed land of the sun find our heroes’ tale beginning on the high seas on the rolling tumult of the S.S. “Oedipus Kiss” a storms brew of a ballad drowning familial ties in the violent oceans of incest, dark synths and buzz-saw guitars. Those bold rays of light hardly had a chance against the maelstrom of anguish that readily rode forward to break the day. A gentle twinkle almost becomes solid as a full beam of vitamin D rains down from the “Satellite” as a light clap catches the grinding luminescence crashing against the noisey guitar strums of darkness warring and fighting in epic tandem neither giving an inch. Prince of the Interminable Darkness Colin Peterson howls to the sky “I’m flawed/And I’m fucked/ And I’m here/ And you’re not” catching the evil yellow dwarf off guard as it’s grip on our brightly blighted earth begins to slip. “Tonight We’ll Be Gone” shouts The Good Reverend Lee Busch at the wicked ball of radiance. And as the great wave of darkness descends upon the land washing away this painful summer and drowning the light like an unwanted child the malevolent beams that oppressed the people for so long at last dissipate. As the refreshing darkness begins to descend, the sweet mistress of dreams “Queen Mab” returns to the people and grants them a blissful rest in the night they dreamed of softly lulled by a hypnotic drumbeat squeezed between the thumb and strum of a dirty guitar. Their quest complete, our heroes carry on journeying through the land affording those who wish for it a darkness incalculable, a love endlessly lamentable and a soft quiet that only the inky black void can provide. Riding to the point where the night crashes it’s blanket against a darkened sleeping earth, our brave warriors of the void high-fived each other really fucking hard, turned around and whispered “You fade away – in sullen gray/ Sweet lover fade – right away”. And in an instant…they were gone.

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